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Operational Audio Stereo Spring Reverb

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 The Operational Audio Stereo Spring Reverb is a 2 channel reverb effects unit featuring real spring reverb tanks. Each channel uses 2 three spring reverb tanks, each tank with a slightly different characteristic sound. A three position switch allows audio to be routed through both tanks in parallel or in series (A into B, or B into A). This unit is designed to operate in a professional studio environment (+4dB) as a balanced insert or aux send (I/O is balanced).

In parallel mode the tanks blend together to create an incredibly lush reverb that mixes the best aspects of spring and plate reverb. In this mode you can adjust the relative level of the signal from each tank to balance the sound to taste. You can even eliminate one of the tanks for a more traditional spring reverb sound. 

In series mode the output of one tank is sent to the input of the other. This creates interesting resonances and overtones that are unlike a traditional spring reverb. You can use the dry blend on the first tank in the series to adjust the intensity of the effect. If you want to get real spooky try chaining the two channels in series while both are in series mode to run your mono signal through 4 reverb tanks!

High and Low pass filters are available to tailor the frequency range of the signal being sent to the reverb tanks to suit a mix. An input level control is provided to add makeup gain when the filters are used to create a very narrow bandwidth - which reduces overall level. 

The Stereo Spring Reverb includes a DSP based pre-delay providing 0-240 ms of pre-delay. 

All the controls on the Stereo Spring Reverb use stepped switches, making recall a breeze - this unit is truly designed with mix engineers in mind. 


  • LPF: Selects the cutoff frequency for the Low Pass Filter. Higher number = higher cutoff frequency.
  • HPF:  Selects the cutoff frequency for the High Pass Filter.  Higher number = higher cutoff frequency.
  • Input Level: Sets the overall input level for the reverb signal. Mostly used as makeup gain when using more extreme filter settings.
  • Routing selector: Selects between the two series modes and the parallel mode.
  • Pre-Delay: Set the amount of pre-delay on the reverb signal. 
  • Drive: Sets the input level of the signal driving the reverb tank.
  • Level: Sets the level of the signal returning from the reverb tank.
  • Dry: Blends in the dry (unaffected)signal



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