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Stereo Parametric Equalizer

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The Operational Audio Stereo Parametric Equalizer is a true stereo (not dual mono) EQ that can be configured as either a mix EQ or a mastering EQ (the only difference being the granularity and available gain on the boost/cut control of each filter).

The Stereo Parametric Equalizer features an extremely low noise floor, high quality Blore-Edwards switches, and high quality components throughout for precise and musical sound. 

Each of the 5 filters has 23 distinct frequency points, 11 steps of boost or cut, and a 23 position bandwidth (Q) control to allow you to make broad, subtle adjustments or highly precise surgical fixes, and anything in between. 

The highest and lowest filters include a bell/shelf switch allowing those filters to be used either as bell filters or high and low pass shelving filters respectively. 

The mixing version's boost/cut control features 2dB of gain per step while the mastering version features 1/4dB of gain per step.

All of the controls are switches making consistent recall a breeze. 

The power supply is a very high quality, over-built, linear bipolar design that provides extremely low ripple, clean power to the unit. 

Both the mixing and mastering feature balanced inputs and unbalanced outputs. The inputs are unbalanced electronically and there are no transformers in the audio path. 

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